When it comes to hardware, there's only one rule. The car has to have less than 1 liter of power. To give you some perspective, that's half the amount of fluids a PERSON is supposed to drink in a day.

Go ahead and think about that for a spell..................

Folks, this is type of car that ends up in morning prayers that beg for the piece of crap to make the 5 mile trip to work. We're taking one 2,000 times that far.

7/6/07...So that green SJ had trouble driving off the trailer, nevermind to Mongolia. It leaked exhaust into the cab so we could only drive it with our heads out the window (as a result, Andy's foot slipped off the pedal and went through the floorbaord). Needless to say, it was re-flipped on eBay and we went with another one, compliments of the legendary Steve Theobald of ST Engineering in Haslemere, Surrey, UK.

8/20/07...The Chariot of Awesome, or "Winnie" in casuals, brought us 10,000 miles over 2 weeks of driving all around southern England, then 4 weeks driving through 19 border crossings and countless disasters, most of which have been recounted in our blog. We'll soon know how much she sold for at charity auction. We grew right attached to the old girl, who served as our carriage, storage, shelter, icebreaker, and dare I say lover through 20 countries. Rest In Peace dear Chariot. You deserve it.


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  • The Lizard Lounge [Cindy]
  • Duke #2 [Poopsy]
  • The Donkey Show [Sammy]
  • Fat Bastard's Floater [Sammy]
  • Larry's Crucifix [Sammy]
  • 4 Balls, 1 Brain, Goulet! [Sammy]
  • Rehab [Sammy]
  • Lando McJalopy and his Magical Manginas [Sammy]
  • LeCrapper [Sammy]
  • Chariot of Awesome [Sammy]
  • Git 'er Done [Amaan]
  • Lizzie [Auntie Chris]
  • Winnie [Baby Cuz Lee-Ann, b/c it's the "Winner's Car"
  • Midnight Tabouli [Rihani]
  • The Tabouli Terror [Rihani]
  • The Parsley Predator [Rihani]
  • Loch Nessy [Elisa]
  • SeXXXy Beast [Elisa]
  • Smokey McGee, Train Conductor and His Magical Mystery Tour [lb4lb Bremer]
  • Spies Like Us [lb4lb Bremer]
  • Smokey Does 'Stans [lb4lb Bremer]
  • For Sale: Russian Armaments on Armenian Black Market [lb4lb...quite an imagination]
  • ***not a name, but paint it like a rubix cube [Sandry]
  • YURT a Go-Go [Uncle Cliff]
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  • Leapin' Lizard [Robin Taylor the son-contributor]
  • Lizardmobile [Robin Taylor]
  • The Mongo Mongoose [Larry Taylor]
  • Genghis [Boner San]
  • Nolan Ryan [Boner San]
  • Phlegyas [Dow]
  • Nogoon Khon (Mongol for "The Green Sheep") [Mika Roberts]
  • Arkhni Masheen (Mongol for "The Vodka Automobile) [Mika Roberts]

5/8/07...WE GOT ONE!! After patrolling ebayUK religiously for the last three months we landed a 1985 Suzuki SJ410. Like a glove, we got it from a couple fellas who intended to use it for the Rally this year but missed out during the free for all registration. Now, we'll have a little work to do, but for £185 (about $370), we're pretty dadgum happy.

Here she is, in all her glory...